Retrieve a file from Heroku

On my current project, I had to face a not-common situation. A developer on the team who had a repository on Github and the project used it. But one day, that developer left the project and simply removed that important part of the project. Fortunately, the project is hosted on Heroku and since Heroku use EC2 instances, it was easy to find a copy of the missing gem.

The key was this command to get a shell on the EC2 instance:

heroku run bash -a your_app

And then, to simply use scp (secure copy) to retrieve the directory:

scp -r heroku_directory user@your_ssh_server:path/to/download

And use ‘find’ command to find out where is the file you’re looking for.

Voilà !

Licence  CC BY-SA 4.0