Mind Drop #2

This week,

  • We’ve been through health issues with my better half
  • I joined back Facebook
  • I’ve watched The Throne and a documentary about urban farming in Detroit

  • Leyla McCalla - Peze Café
  • Leyla McCalla - Mesi Bon dié


Poetry, <br /> Way before being words and marks, <br /> Is voice and tone. <br /> Poetry reaches the hearts, <br /> When both poets and readers follow same pace, <br /> the same tone, get to the same emotion.


Let it go.

Dear daughter, dear son, <br /> That is the secret of a happy life.

But keep what is truely yourself.


The French president has decided not seeking for a second term. Yet, some were shocked as if what’s considered normal is to go for a second term by all mean. <br /> Do we really deserve a democracy?

&#9875;Audrey N’Gako